Yes ,,, In 14 version angular given option to work as standalone now no need to use module…its really new journey and game changer for angular roadmap.

So for converting existing component

you need to put standalone true.



selector: ‘app-coins’,



templateUrl: ‘./coins.component.html’,

styleUrls: [‘./coins.component.scss’]


It will work without part of any module,

But along with it you need to provide dependent module or component, pipe, directive inject in imports,

and services in providers


Now in routing also have option to lazy load standalone component



loadComponent: ()=> import(‘./coins/coins.component’).then(mod=> mod.CoinsComponent)




Authentication failed for user ubuntu@{serve ip aws or other}.

in RubyOnRails ROR deployment by

cap production deploy …

If you facing this error while deployment

Steps to solve :

1 Check ssh to server ( ssh user@ip }

2 Check the you public key added in server ssh authorized keys

3. then If login is working ssh then do ,, ssh-add solved my problem



What is interpolation in angular ?

Templates always need text or string to be dynamic at runtime. So angular given us

Interpolation technique to title, username, error messages etc

We put inside {{text }} double curly braces

Class file

userName = “Anil”


Welcome, {{userName}}

Some time we need maths expression


Real Count Wins {{ total + 56 == 200 ? “Winner”: “Loser”}}

Can’t use javascript expression

+= , new , instanceof , typeof , ;

Angular runs template expressions after every change detection cycle runs.




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