What is SPA (Single page application) in angular Basic interview question?

Anil Kumar
Jun 5, 2023


Photo by Mehdi Sepehri on Unsplash

SPA( Single page application) is web app which does not reload whole page(or request new server page) every time user navigation or expand data or press button. instead of it partially update the part of page.

Some it need ajax request some time not but never release whole page.

Simple example are using hash id anchor tag approach or using javascript.

Technology :

JS Framework




ember JS


knockout JS



svelet JS and more….


  1. Faster
  2. Lesser server request
  3. Cross platform ( single backend can work for multiple platform like mobile(IOS and Android and other )
  4. Easy to debug
  5. Simplified development
  6. caching


  1. Less secure
  2. SEO is not easy
  3. No Browser history
  4. memory can make Slow web
  5. initial load time is more

Industries Products

  1. facebook
  2. gmail
  3. google maps
  4. github
  5. indian railway