Basic Level Angular Interview Questions?

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  1. What are the life cycle hooks in components?
  2. How to send data from Parent to Child?


  1. What is data binding?
  2. What is pipe? Name some built in pipes?
  3. What is class and style binding


  1. What is the Use of ngFor and ngIf?

Dependency Injection

Routing & Navigation

  1. What is syntax for routing?
  2. What is SPA (Single page application)?
  3. How to provide a link to another page in html template?
  4. How to navigate dynamically to path /page from ts(class)?


  1. What are the types of forms ?
  2. What is ngModel ?
  3. What is formControl?
  4. How to initialize reactive form?
  5. How to initialize template driven form?
  6. Difference between dirty and touched?

HTTP Client

  1. Which service use for hit an api?
  2. Difference between get and post?
  3. What is a header?


  1. What is Unit test?
  2. What is Karma?
  3. What is Jasmine?

Internationalization (i18n)


  1. Which module supports Animation?


  1. What is angular cli?
  2. How to add angular material?
  3. How to make prod build?


  1. How to unsubscribe Observable?

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